St Andrews Well.

wenty.jpg (96680 bytes)St Andrews Well was so named by 1743 and has been regarded as a holy well from an early date. In 1791 it is recorded that there were two pure springs enclosed within two cisterns which supplied the villagers with water. By 1847 the well was described as providing the only good public drinking water and had never been known to fail; it was considered that the right hand well produced the softer water and was used for washing clothes. The picture on the left is the entrance.


wlrhy.jpg (57950 bytes) In 1870 the area was enclosed and an arched entrance built by Sir Peregrine Acland of Fairfield, with the arms of Acland on the outer face and those of Egmont on the inner face. The latter arms were transferred from an 18th century well house which was built by the Earl of Egmont who had purchased Stogursey Manor in 1757. The arch is surmounted by the cross of St Andrew. The well was repaired by the Parish Council in 1979. The picture shown is the right hand well.