'Friends of St Andrew's Stogursey'
   Each year a large number of people come into our beautiful Priory Church.
* As Visitors, to wander around and discover nearly a thousand years of architectural
   beauty and community history ; some have family links to this building that stretch back
   over centuries.
* To have their children Baptised, or to get married, or for their funeral, or to be present at
   one of those services as a friend or a member of the family.
* To come to a concert or other special occasion, St Andrews is highly renowned for its  
    wonderful accoustics. We have quite a number of such activities in the year, both services
   and secular activities.

                            Perhaps You are one of these people

The Church of St Andrew's is keen in  continuing to:-
* Maintain improve and embellish the building (improvements in the last 18 months have
   been largely self -financed or generously donated).
* 'Run' the Church so that it can continue to serve the local community and visitors from
   farther afield, as it has done for so many centuries ( we have mainly held expenses constant,     in spite of inflation).
* Contribute to the training, housing, stipends and pensions of our priests-past   present
   and future- and other Diocesan expenses through our Parish Share of the Common Fund.
   This 'tax' on our Church (along with increase in insurance premiums) is increasing well
   beyond the annual rate of inflation.
* Complete our programme of vital restoration, which many have supported so generously.

                                                     Some Facts:

                            St Andrews receives no Subsidies at all.
                   In practical terms, we need to become financially self sufficient.
                         It costs about 2000 a month to run our Church.

                                           We therefore hope to launch a

                                                            'Friends Organisation.
                                 Which we hope you will consider joining.

   Subscription: A Minimum of 5 per year.
   Newsletter: Twice a year, giving you the news of the church-both the building, and the
   life of the parish.
   Discount opportunities: From time to time we hope to be able to notify you of Special Offers
   for which you will be elegible, connected with St Andrews and the surrounding area.

   If you want to join the 'Friends of St Andrews Stogursey' please email the Rev John Tyler.
   Snail mail address- The Rectory, High Street, Stogursey, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1P